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Je recommande cette app





Very good

Great app


What a great app.


Good App

Mein Favorit


One word...


Wonderful.It worked !




Best app


Great app, keep up the good work!

Not very calming

I subscribed to the annual service two days ago & now I can’t open the app. It doesn’t update the daily calm & when I deleted & reinstalled it just gives me an error when logging on. $70 for more aggravation in my life. Thanks a lot.

3.20.1 autoscreen lock issue

Updated today, now app goes to autolock , requires me then to unlock phone to check time progress. Useless like this


Wow, this helps so much. Thank you 😃

I love this app

I’m especially impressed with Alan Skylar and Erik Braa. I wish Jim Donaldson had more stories as well. He lulls me to sleep every time! Great job! Keep up the good work!


premium is ridiculously overpriced.


BAIT AND SWITCH. Don’t bother.

Nice way to unwind .


Re-recorded "sleep story" content is terribly distracting

Wonderful app. I was thisclose to subscribing when an update wrecked my primary use of it. I know there's a sound fetish movement out there that includes a certain singsong vocal quality and whistling S sounds and so on, but the point of "sleep stories" is to fall asleep. The newly re-recorded stories are just awful - especially my former favorite, "The Waterfall." The whistling S's are like nails on a chalkboard. The exaggerated singsong might be good for a children's story but is highly distracting. And I notice the same thing has been done to "Blue Gold" now. Are the previous versions of these stories available to Premium subscribers? Are there any Premium sleep stories that don't have this fetish quality now?

Not a lot of free options

So very bummed that this app is, little by little, taking the simplest of features and moving them to the premium model. May need to go check out another app.

Taking risk meditation

Too much silence. Needed more direction, directive, guidance


I love this app. The background noise helps me a lo through meditation. I also love the daily quotes at the end! Calm app has been a great way to wake up (:


Almost nothing is unlocked for free. Way too expensive for me to even consider. Sounds like it would be wonderful & calming but at this price I’d be stressed about paying for it.

App crashes

My app keeps crashing within seconds of opening it. I’ve even restarted my phone and it still does it.

I’m relaxed.

Similar To after a massage I feel like I’m moving at a slower pace. Sleepy. Less agitated.

Trying to cancel

Tried to cancel from day one and sent an email but no response. Hope I am not charged. I wanted only the rain sounds as on TV but could not find it so decided not to buy. Please help with cancellation.

Good app. Streak tracking is buggy.

Good app. Streak tracking is flawed. It depends in access to the server, which isn’t always up.

I Have Failed Every Meditation App Except This One

I don’t know how you feel, but so much of how much I like it can relax with a mediation app depends on the guide’s voice. I get distracted by their voice. Not this one. The guide’s voice is calm, evenly pitched, and sends me into a relaxed stage immediately. I love all their choices and am going to expand to the paid app. You will not be disappointed!


This app has helped me so much... I couldn’t write a review good enough. Thank you for this!

New to meditation

This app has truly changed my life. I’m someone that has struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I began meditating after an extremely stressful situation sent me to the hospital. I haven’t stopped meditating since and it’s changed how I feel, react and go about my day. It keeps my relaxed and helps relieve stress and tension after my day. Love it! I’ve already recommended it to my family and got a few of them to us it. Thank you for helping bring my body back in balance

Overcharged three times

My wife downloaded this app last year and was charged $83.99 for a one-year subscription. She was charged $83.99 again yesterday for another year’s worth. So I downloaded the app to try and figure out why an app that is supposed to cost $59.99 actually costs $83.99 per year. I tried to “restore purchases” since the iTunes Store clearly states that Family Sharing up to six people is supported in this app, but no dice. The Calm help website says Family Sharing is NOT supported. I went into the iTunes Store to view my subscriptions and saw 21, yes 21, different prices for a Calm subscription, ranging from 9.99/year all the way up to $95.99/year, with no explanation as to what price bought you what. There were many duplicates, too (five different entries for $59.99, for example). On my wife’s phone I tried to change my wife’s 83.99 subscription to a $59.99 subscription, but instead of just keeping the current subscription until next year, my credit card was instantly charged $59.99 on top of the two $83.99 charges. Very bad. Now, Calm Developer has a total of $227.97 of my money for just over one year subscription. I feel like I’ve been robbed. I have sent email with all these details to Calm support. No response.

Love it!

I love the variety of sessions offered by this app. I can always find the right session for that day. And new stuff is always being added. I also enjoy the bedtime stories and sleep-oriented sessions when I have trouble quieting my mind for sleep. Thank you! After using this app regularly for a few months now, I believe this app has improved my mood and overall health. Totally worth the subscription!

3 Stars

I really like this app, but it’s constantly turning off by it’s self and that is so annoying. And that is why I’m only giving it a 3 stars!!!

It’s amazing!!

I am doing the 7 days of gratitude and it’s an amazing app for those like me that suffer of stress and negativity is great thank you calm you are helping me a lot!!

Everyone needs this App

The Calm App has brought peace to my hectic life. In addition to the “daily calm” I enjoy the sleep stories and the master classes. All of these have been helping me focus, make healthier choices throughout the day, and sleep better.

Nature stories

This is a nice app too bad you couldn’t offer one or two more free nature stories love blue gold and the waterfall but s few more would be nice


I wish this app was cheaper.. I love this app, but don’t use it enough because I can’t afford too. It’s very helpful And relaxing.

Free app doesn’t do anything

Why have a free and premium app when the free app doesn’t do squat. $60/year is a joke. Best of luck on your revenue model.

Pay?? No way

You have to PAY for almost everything geez

Best mindfulness app

Such a great app - meets you where you are helps you learn. Great to have different subjects too!


I love this app! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 starts was because on the sleep stories I wish you could read a description of the story before listening. Sometimes I just want to know a little bit before hand. Other than that the app is totally amazing and the yearly subscription is totally worth every penny!


$60 a year for some noise? I’ll stick to using YouTube which can be way better depending on what you search.

Getting to sleep

A Wonderful way in which to put the daily stresses aside and relax!!

Impossible to cancel subscription

Been trying to turn off auto renew for a week. Their customer service is non responsive and since i subscribed via their website apple cant help. I need to meditate after dealing with this frustrating nonsense...breathe...


Realty medite thank you👀🙏


I really like this so far. Just completed day one. Gentle rain backround noise is relaxing and narration was very helpful. I sure need to destress, and the first meditation was encouraging.


Perfect pace and timing. Thanks

How it helps

I have sometimes gotten in to my mind but once I do this and I am done I feel like a way different person

Meditation beginner

This course I believe is my first meditation class/training, it appear this may be something I'll be able to actually and be the start to my less stress relaxed mind that I maybe able to catch on to if I can only allow myself to do this process as a daily regiment. I shall see.

Ok I guess

When I renew my subscription it deleted my downloaded things and all my history and my streak of 398 days. If this was fixed it would be 5 star but until I get it back it’s 3. Other than this is is amazing though.

Love the white noises

I use the app mostly for the variety of white noises that help me fall asleep. Rain on leaves, wind in a wheat field, and the evening crickets are definitely my favorites. One sound I would love to be added, though, is rustling leaves

Life changing!

This app literally changed my life. I sleep better, am less stressed and anxious since using it. This has resulted in my overall health improving. I can’t imagine my life without it.

You must pay for most of the features

You literally have access to maybe 20% of the features they offer. Otherwise you must pay for everything else. Very disappointing for someone who deals with anxiety and can not afford to pay for it.

Apps awesome!

They have the calm For Kids but, should have a family subscription so that the stats don’t mix.


Clear precise easy to understand

59.99 a year!

I would like to try this before committing to this atrocious pricing. There is a ton of content on YouTube that’s free.

I am experiencing a difference in my focus and anxiety. There’s so much more to experience

I have always been extremely hyper, I had difficulty staying focused on my own “Calm”. Throughout the day I am able to use my daily Calm to keep from rumination on the past or focusing on the future. I am able to enjoy being here now.

Just what I needed.

I had a mini stroke Last Saturday This will help me to relax and calm myself. It’s brings my BP down and that’s very good Thank you


Relaxing, soothing to listen to while working on physical therapy exercises.


be careful when trying this app. they won’t let you get out of the trial. not so calm. canceled the day after starting the trial and they still charged me for a full year. be mindful when trying this purported calm app


This app has helped me so much already!! All I want to do is smile. You can always look forward to the next session! GET THIS APP NOW!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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