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Je recommande cette app





Very good

Great app


What a great app.


Good App

Mein Favorit


One word...


Wonderful.It worked !




Best app


Great app, keep up the good work!


Calm is so amazing ..... well at lest me and my mom think so. Calm has not just sleep story’s it has so for nap time. But what l don’t like about calm is that you need to pay for most stores and other things one of my favorite sleep stores is the magic wand! -SUKI🦄

“Organized religion” remark

In the first intro session, this app makes a reference to how they are not affiliated with any “organized religion “. This is a derogatory “code word” for many atheists who debunk, in particular, Christianity. So here’s a bit of education for the person(s) who decided to add that disclosure into this app’s intro....the whole concept of meditation was CREATED and birthed out of “organized religion”, you foolish souls. Give religion credit or REMOVE those words from the intro. Humans are WIRED to appreciate nature’s beauty. It gives them inner peace. Why is that so? What other living creature on the planet has the ability to APPRECIATE nature’s beauty? Only humans. Atheists may actually find the answers to these questions from the “organized religion” they love to scoff at. Lose the words “organized religion” in the intro, it’s OFFENSIVE.

Life Changing!!!!

This a great app to help get you more in tune with yourself and the world around you. The master classes, guided meditations and sleep stories are phenomenal.

Good music, a lot of talking

This app has good music and the meditations are fine. The woman talks a a lot which can be distracting and there is little that's free. You can start a trial series but only try the first session for free.

So great for a newbie!

Very relaxing and calming. Never tried meditation before but this intro week one is great. Highly recommend

Great Way to Start your Day

I am a novice to mindfulness meditation, but the Daily Calm has helped me begin a practice in a very easy way. The mediation’s of the day are on point with what’s going on in the world! Overall it has been game changer for my morning routine!

Great until the Lavender Valley wasn’t free anymore.

Super rude to randomly make the best story not available for free. Guess people that can’t afford things aren’t allowed to relax with a story at bedtime. Deleting this app now.

Pretty satisfied

I love this app and their sleep stories really put me to sleep but right now I’m really frustrated. They removed both of my favorite sleep stories (magical winter night and the lavender valley) free section. I am upset because they keep doing that. Hopefully the people in charge will see this and change it.

Pretty good

Let me start by saying that I love this app. It is amazing. There are just a few things I would change. One I love the sleep stories they are very helpful, however I had downloaded one that I really loved then they locked it and took it AWAY from me. Really? Why abruptly lock it? That was a little angering. Also 3/4 of the stuff is locked. I would really appreciate if they would stop taking things away and start opening or adding things. So except for those things it’s five stars.

Would like more freebies

The whole calm app is amazing. I remember using the web based software in school for meditation. But now there is less freebies than before. Please don’t turn into one of those apps or companies that limits the free app so much and making people pay for more meditations.

Great content and music!

Just started but so far enjoying the masterclass and music.

Keep Having To Reinstall

Every time I try to use this app I have to reinstall for it to see that I’m subscribed. I enjoy this app but having to reinstall it every single day is doing the opposite of “Calm”

Not for everyone.

I went into this with wishful thinking. A family member of mine uses this app and it seems to work great for him. I tried a couple of the initial lessons, and all they did was annoy and anger me. Perhaps that’s just me, I don’t know. But considering how much they charge in-app, I am rather disappointed by it.

Waste of time

Says “get” and bother to set up & then they want money to actually use it...

Great sessions

Really enjoying the app. Always good

Great App, but...

Very nice, but I wish Calm would provide more stories, and the stories would contain background sounds, l.e., birds, waterfalls, etc. as do the Meditations! I have requested it, but no positive response... I have the paid version.

Best app I ever download 🤩🤩😇

I love this app I go to app whenever I am stressed 😫. Especially when someone has a pastime job that is overwhelming and school that keeps getting in the way. This app helps me take some time to calm down and mediate when I need to and the many options in this app helps find what needed to take a moment and mediate.

Tiny sample - too expensive

I really enjoyed this app when I got it. I love the sleep stories, and even used a couple of the meditation practices. However, only about 1 session of each 7-21 day practice is available unless you pay $60 a year. It would have been amazing for this app to be affordable so it would be legitimately helpful to everyone. Unfortunately, I’ll be deleting it for the barely-there amount of stuff available without paying to unlock the rest. Very disappointed.


Beautiful design. Love everything about this app. When I can afford the lifetime, I am getting it.


I have tried many different guided meditations but never have I found one this effective. So very happy with everything on Calm.


Do yourself a favor!

Where has this app been all my life???

Love, Love, Love this app. I am on a cancer journey, and have tried from the start to begin a meditation practice. I finally succeeded when I found this app. It helps me feel calm and centered, and has created space in my mind for gratitude, and helped get rid of some of the clutter. Thank you! ❤️

Expensive but useful

I have been meditating for 3 months now and I compared a couple of methods before committing to one and calm offers the same value than headspace but at a lower cost which makes it better, I also enjoy Calm’s guidance better than the rest.

Love this app!

I’ve tried several mediation apps and this one is my favorite. The guidance is wonderful and soothing and the meditations are always thought provoking. Highly recommend!


This app is heaven!

Too Expensive.

I can not justify spending $60 for a subscription to this app, especially when I know that I won’t use it every day for 12 months. I wish there were monthly subscriptions for people like me. The free meditations work great and is incredibly calming. I love to meditate in the early am or before I go to sleep for ultimate relaxation. There’s also calming music to choose from and even sleep stories. Overall I really enjoy the app!

Peaceful app

Just the right amount of meditation plus lots of other calming and mindful goodies. Enjoying exploring them all

This app had changed my life!

This app has changed my life for the better. I am calmer, happier, more peaceful than I ever have been. I have enjoyed every meditation I've done--both "The Daily Calm" and individual series, like "7 Days of Calm" and "21 Days of Calm." I also really like the "Breathe" meditation. Though it is modifiable, I use it as is to take a moment here and there to still myself, re-center myself, and/or de-stress. It's amazing. I also love their sleep sounds and sleep stories. I listen to a sleep story as I go to bed, and, if I wake, I play Thunderstorms, my favorite. On occasion, I just play the sounds to settle down and focus into something. The only thing that I can't seem to do is upgrade to a Lifetime membership, which I would eagerly do, but can't seem to get the help I need to do so. If anyone out there can help me do that, please contact me! Thanks.

Life changing

This app has been life changing for me. Much better than Headspace. The content has so much more depth and applicability in daily life

Amazing app

Highly recommend it.

This app is a necessity in daily living

I was watching tv and then see this screen with water and the breathing bubble. Like it literally snatched my attention from just that one Calm commercial :) I started my free trial and I have not had a restless night since then. Let me say it takes a while to quiet my mind to go to sleep and stay asleep. I wake up feeling so refreshed and my sleep has improved. The daily meditation helped me be aware of my body and has helped my anxiety. I'm not a spokes person and I'm really a cautious consumer, but if you have any type of anxiety, stress, depression, or other any of mental conditions this app is recommended.

Wonderful app!

I have a lot of anxiety. Oftentimes I can’t sleep at night because I just have a ton of anxiety, and I can’t stop thinking about things that make me anxious. This app is perfect. The stories are interesting enough to hold my attention and distract me from having negative thoughts, and they’re spoken softly enough to lull me to sleep. I highly recommend it. You don’t NEED to get premium to make the app worth it, but I recommend it. It’s quite expensive ($50 for one year) but its really worth it to have a truly relaxing sleep.

Way more helpful than expected - especially Masterclass

I bought this because I’m terrible at meditation and mindfulness. I needed something to keep me focused on my meditation. Initially, I struggled a bit with the voice of the person guiding the session, but once I got used to hearing her, it was much easier. Other people and other stories and classes sounded different. I use the daily calm almost every day. the lessons in the meditation so often are reinforcing what I’m learning and hearing in another part of my life. Very useful quotes at the end to remind me what the lesson was about. Often I will screenshot the quote and picture and share it with friends. I love the variety of sounds I can select and how there is a visual with each. I recently listened to the Breaking Bad Habits addiction class and really felt as though I was at a seminar for psychologists and neuroscientists. It was amazing what I learned. I have a daughter who is a neuroscience and psych major in college. I had to share it with her. I’ve also been stepping through the various meditations on self care, relationships, etc and those also have been enormously helpful. Sometimes my daughter can’t sleep so she listens to the stories on there. I love that there are classics mixed in with new ones I had never heard of. Best $60 bucks I’ve ever spent on an app like this. Thank you, Calm.

No good

App causes heartburn

An app for relaxing and rejuvenation

I’ve been using Calm for about 2 months now and it really is a fantastic experience. I haven’t used the sleep stories much, but the masterclass combined with the daily calm and additional meditations has been a great way to open and close my day. The app is sometimes a bit finicky with how it saves items offline, but otherwise it’s been a great app to use overall. I’d recommend to anyway interested in starting out their meditation journey.

So good

Love this app! Recommended to me by a psychiatrist and it is so effective to help me find a few calm minutes in my day and to learn how to be truly present. Thank you for this great resource!

Doesn’t support family sharing!

Don’t be mislead, Calm does NOT support family sharing. I purchased with the intention of sharing with my daughter based on what was listed in the App Store. However, after spending 30 very uncalming minutes trying to get her app to unlock, I found an article in Calm support saying that it doesn’t support family share and blaming Apple for not allowing family sharing on subscriptions. You guys need to get your act together! You can’t have it both ways!

Too many other options to pay for this sub-par service

This app is supremely inferior to Headspace. It is robotic and pathetically inauthentic. The first thing I heard on this app was the statistics of anxiety. Could you come up with a better way to induce anxiety than tell you about a bunch of statistics with some Siri-like robot? Useless and ineffective (for me). I’m sure others will enjoy the format, not even close to worth the money.

Great but expensive!

Not worth the price 🤨


Free trial pricing strategy eliminated any calm I may have experienced before I had the app. Pass.


Was needing ,in a tough phase of life ,!a real calm down helper, friend ... really don’t remember how I found you guys and appreciation is a simple word for all. CALM , give us , me and my special son, a real calmness, stillness , Presence. Thank you 🙏🏻💯💗🦋

Wow What a rip off!

Within a week of downloading I have a automatic $59.99 charge for a subscription!!?? Are you kidding me? I haven’t even had a chance to give this app a try and you already charge my account? This app has now caused me WAY more stress and anxiety than “CALM” give me my money back immediately and app deleted.

Calm is my refuge & inspiration

I never would have believed that an app could actually assist in changing my life, but since the beginning of the year, when I discovered it in times of difficulty, my time spent meditating and listening to its music and lessons, it has been my refuge in difficult times, and a beautiful reason to look forward to each morning. I’ve learned a great deal and I am grateful to all who created this wonderful place to retreat, and renew. Thank you.....

My son got it right👍🏿👍🏿

My 18 year old son put me up on this app and I’m thinking like why do you have this you a senior in high school about to graduate 🎓 you have no bills lol why are you meditating so I downloaded it it’s the truth I did a breathing one and went to sleep at work lol 5 ⭐️⭐️s all day

Costs too much, they fool you saying it is free

This app says it’s free, but once you install it, they only let you have the first session, then it’s super expensive! I think it would be great, but the cost for the full version is prohibitive :(

34 straight day mark

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I started with the free meditations. I did some research on mindfulness. Tamara is my favorite voice and I am sure for most she is also their favorite. Using this app as little as 10 minutes a day or up to about 30 minutes per day has changed my life in as little as 30 days. I notice I am more calm (no pun intended). I relax more in traffic. I sleep better. I am more productive at work. Get this, I even get along with my husband more. It is hard to put my finger on what is happening, but these 10 minute mindfulness exercises are doing something. I am now planning to seek out some yoga poses to do while listening. Thank you for fantastic content. Curious... will you have more master class content or was that a one time only feature?


Beautiful, calming, very relaxing I love it!

Stole My Money

They renewed on the 7th day, not after 7 days. I didn’t not want to keep the trial. I’ve paid $60 for something I won’t use. They setup a 7 day trial, but it was really 6 days. I want a refund!

This app is wonderful

Works great for sleeping and relaxing meditation. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this app.

Stressed no more

I’ve been a widow since I was 48 with a teenage son that I’m trying to do the best I know how! The stress has been high but I found this app and it’s slowly taking my stress away. Definitely worth investing in for some peace of mind. Great app

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