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Je recommande cette app





Very good

Great app


What a great app.


Good App

Mein Favorit


One word...


Wonderful.It worked !




Best app


Great app, keep up the good work!


I want to try Calm and if it works I am willing to pay the posted 59.99/year but when I was going through set up for the trial version it stated that a yearly subscription would be 79.99 after my 7 days of the trial. I am NOT willing to pay that amount when everything else states 59.99. Please explain the price difference.


I mainly use this app for the bedtime stories. I wish they would add stories more frequently. Overall I’m very satisfied with the app, the price was more than I would normally pay, so I’m hoping they keep the app fresh.

Thumbs down

For this to be advertised on tv as free your prices are ridiculous I immediately deleted this app

How can this be BETTER!?

This app is amazing it really is but there is to little for free. Put some free calm body stuff and more sleep stories. I have listened to all 3 5 TIMES. And knock the price down pls. Other than that I’m doing great on the 7 days of a calm and on the breathing thing. You guys Need to put at least 2 or 1 free masterclass cause if let’s say there’s this guy who can’t afford to spend 60 FRICKIN DOLLARS ON THE APP! Guess what team calm, they go to headspace or something like that. And you lose money! Ok. I bet that you will ignore this


kind of worthless if you don’t pay money. If you do tho the app is amazing. just dissapointing how we need to pay to have a better life

Wonderful Calm to Begin My Day

Love this start of each day, anew meditation practice in my life. Thanks!


How much is a yearly subscription?

Not for $80 a year!

I saw an ad for this app, looked it up in the App Store and since it had no price next to it and it looked promising I downloaded it. After it downloaded, I began exploring. I was appalled seeing it was only free for 7 days then cost $80 for a yearly membership! I wish I would have known that BEFORE downloading it! No thank you--app deleted within minutes. Buyer beware!!!

You have to buy it all

It’s great if you want to use the basic rain, waterfall or fire crackling sound effects to fall asleep but if your hoping for free meditation aids ... you should keep looking. Of course there’s a 7 day trial, but eh. Disappointment but I guess they have to make their money somehow

Great app minor complaint

I’ve chosen calm after doing research on other mediation alternatives and I am happy thus far. I did want to make a simple developer request that I think would make this app even better! So I paid for the full version and am disappointed that when I miss a daily calm there is no archive for me to go back and listen to the days I missed. Pretty bummed considering there is some amazing knowledge in the daily meditation. PLEASE add daily calm archive 🙏

Love the app but one request…

Before I got this app I had trouble falling asleep. The sleep stories have helped me so much. But I would be great if there were more free sleep stories without getting the premium. So if more free sleep stories were added that would be greatly appreciated. 🙏😴

This app used to be good

This app used to be good, they had some free things and some you had to pay for. I didn’t mind so much because the content was good but now you have to pay for everything and it’s awful! I deleted the app because it’s just a waist of space.

Do not try for “free” unless you intend to pay $60

I downloaded this app for its 7-day free trial, both on my son’s phone and mine. Enjoyed the app but knew I didn’t want to pay $60 for it, so followed instructions to cancel on BOTH phones way before the 7 days were up. Thought I’d totally taken care of it until I was automatically charged the annual fee twice, once for each phone. Here’s irony for you: waking up at 3AM and stressing about the time and effort it will take to REALLY cancel this subscription and argue for your refund for an app designed to calm you.



Maximum use

We are all loving more. This is a tool I’ll use as often as possible.



free option??

i genuinely really enjoy this app! i love all the different features it has and daily things you can do, but why do you have to pay for it? i think it is almost offensive to charge $55 a month to use the app in its entirety. i personally will NEVER $55 a month for anything, regardless of it’s effectiveness.

Calm is a scam!

I was looking into this app to see if I was interested and all of a sudden was locked into a “free trial”! I immediately contacted the site saying that it was a mistake. They told me I could not cancel the free trial and could only cancel it in a certain time frame toward the end of the free trial and by following a page of in instructions. ie: They are hoping customers will forget or not follow the exact instructions so they can charge you 59.95$ for a service you did not want! This app leaves you anything but “CALM”!!


I got the app to relieve my stress and I downloaded it and no later than 3 minutes into the app i was more stressed than i was before i got the app, what is this pay to be calm stuff, that is just messed up

Useless unless you buy subscription

Why even offer the “free” version?! Nothing works except one 10 minute introduction. Every. Single. Thing. Else is locked for the premium subscription version... deleting this app now 🙄

Love this app!

I suffer from anxiety and depression and with my most recent bout I found this app. I had never meditated before but thought I would give it a try. I am almost fully recovered now and I truly believe this app had a lot to do with it! I am actually kicking myself for not meditating sooner! It’s a life changer! I meditate twice a day, once with the daily calm and another with one of the series. I also love the master class and the sleep portion! Tamara’s voice is very soothing also. I am definitely happy with this and if nothing changes with the app I will probably re-subscribe for life.

Beware of premium bait-and-switch

I didn’t really dig the app, but the crappy thing was that I signed up for a free trial and was immediately charged $63. I called Apple and they refunded it. Just be careful.

Great idea, poor performance

My son likes to have white noise to sleep so I thought this app was perfect to just play background rain or such.. I was wrong. First off the sound get cut off every time one of their adds to make you pay pops up, and the volume just keeps getting lower and lower, I’m still trying to understand why, maybe a way to force you to purchase the premium app.

Need different voice for meditations!!!!

Really need variety in the speaker for meditations. I’ve definitely been using app less because of this and 3 star rating reflects this issue.

Grounds me...

This app helps me to ground myself daily as an antidote to a world that hopes to keep us off balance, in scarcity thinking, and always wanting/desiring more. I’m very grateful for the lessons and the guidance. Truly a gift.

Sleep Stories

I love the sleep stories. They usually put me right to sleep, and if I don’t fall sleep within the story, I’m so relaxed that I fall asleep soon after. The only reason I gave this app a 4 and not a 5 is because you can’t just purchase single sleep stories; you have to get a monthly subscription. So, I’ve been listening to the same 2 free stories since I found this app. I don’t need a monthly subscription, but if you need this to help fall asleep every night, then I guess the subscription might be worth it. Message to the Calm app people: Let us purchase single stories. Please!

To stay calm get Calm

I recently had an episode that required attention. Days prior to that, I saw the Calm commercial on CNBC. For a brief moment I experienced relief. The simple truth is that you have much more control over your life than you believe. Calm delivers centuries old proven technology in an easy and rewarding application. I have recommended this application to my therapist. So friends, if you are not satisfied with the life you’re living, try Calm.

Great daily chill reminder

Integral part of my day, every day

Wish it offered more free stories.

They don’t offer many free samples. I’m sure I would love the app but simply can not afford another expense. It would be nice if not everything required a subscription.

Bad app if you do subscribe

I got this app because my sister suggested it. So I got it, the app is really bad you cannot do anything unless you have a subscription. You could only do one thing at a time once you’re done with that thing you can’t do another one without paying. My suggestion is not to get this app.

Terrible narrator and background sound

The narrator needs a lozenge and decongestant. There is an incessant running water sound in the background that flows for ten endless minutes. If you can listen to that and become “calm”, then this app is for you. But beware, I tried to unsubscribe the next day and the app was not responding as the timer graphic was going on and on. I tried a few times and it wouldn’t let me unsubscribe. I wrote to customer service. They wrote back some scripted nonsense of How To Unsubscribe, four days later, on the very day they charged me for a year: $59.99 plus tax totaling $63.

Calm App is the BEST!

I have been a member since February 2018 and your app has become a very important part of my self-care routine. Thank you so much for the time and effort you all put in to making the program so effective and dynamic.

A Wonderful Way to Start The Day

I begin each day allowing myself the 10 minutes it takes to go through each session and it pays dividends throughout the day.

Have to pay!

You can’t use anything unless you pay! Stupid

YouTube is cheaper

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept, but I don’t understand how you’re charging so much for sounds I can get on YouTube. Like everything in this app is locked behind a paywall. No thank you.

Are you kidding

Calm gave me anxiety for $60.00 for the year. Breathing in and out is free for god sakes.

Waste of space and of time

I have been using this app for a year. After the last update it no longer works. I have to start it multiple times and it never starts, it just closes. I finally deleted it. I am not going to waste the memory on a product that does not function. Thank heaven I never subscribed as it would have been a waste of money. 0/10 would not recommend to anyone ever.

Everything is Locked

Disappointed in this app. There are only a couple of free stories, music etc. I am NOT paying $59.99 a year for this. I’ll buy a white noise machine with music options. Don’t bother unless you want to spend big bucks

Way to expensive

This app is EXTREMELY overrated, no where near worth the prices they ask!!!

App automatically renewed for $60

I’m not sure how I missed this auto charge. I downloaded this along with headspace as a trial to see which I preferred. My wife just informed me that we had a charge of $60 for a yearlong membership. So much for stress relief.

This app is amazing

I love this app it is the best way to fall asleep to and it helps you with a lot of stuff if it wasn’t for this app I would probably be wide awake and stress and tired but I’m just lucky that I found a great app

Not enough free meditation

Nature sounds great, relaxing but not enough free meditation, it guides you to end up paying the subscription fee which gets someone else rich causing you more anxiety and you have to work this into your budget. I deleted it with so many meditation free classes out there, this just isn’t worth it, just adds to my stress level. This app should be free to help people not hurt there wallets. Don’t buy into it.


Very bad app it doesn’t work free it’s all about money


Free to download but an annual fee? BS! Uninstalling! 👎🏼

It costs money.

You can’t do anything on this app without paying $60 for a year’s subscription. I have no problem with app developers feeling like their app is valuable enough to cost money, but if this is the case, it should just say so in the App Store so you don’t waste your time. It should say it’s a $60 app to purchase, not that it’s free. It’s definitely not free.


I love this app, this is the best thing since fried rice. lol I would love to promote this app else where. I use it all the time. My social media account are IG: 3kDestro , YouTube: 3kDestro Tv, Twitter: VegasyGarcias.

Wonderful way to start the day

I have been using his for a over a year. Totally easy to use. Great variety of meditations. Love the voice.


Beautiful, soothing, and wonderful. This is one app you need on you phone. Thank you so much for putting this awesome app together.


It’s free to download then you get a free trial then they want $60 a year. RIP OFF

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