Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better App Reviews

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This app is great to learn about meditation and mindfulness. It teaches you how approach life with a calm state of mind and mental awareness when stress is or is not present.

Love this app!

Love the free version of this app! This app is so awesome. Calming peaceful and perfect for a great meditation session. Oh and I love the narrators voice!


Love the feeling of relaxation I get when I complete a meditation. Love this apps simplicity without having to remember complicated mantras


I love this app! Great for beginners!

Recommend this to everyone I know

I start every day with my calm session. It gets me grounded and centered... reminding me to always be here and now and aware of the present moment.


Recommend to anyone feeling stressed!

Love this ap

I put this app through Bluetooth at bedtime and listen to bedtime stories it works wonderful..... I never make it through a full story I fall asleep faster and sleep better.... I love the relaxation sounds they are great for an afternoon nap or just to calm yourself down when you need it I will be trying to meditation

Great Beginners Resource

The App is a great resource for those that are seek to learn about the practice of meditation.

Meditation - always available guidance, manageable time periods

Even if youre busy, you can fit this in; a great combination of guidance and convenience to help you do something that makes an enormous positive difference in daily life.

Took a suggestion

A friend shared his positive experience with this app one morning at breakfast where a group of friends gather. I downloaded it the next day and have found it very helpful in changing my focus and calming my spirit.

Love it

I ever purchased the app and kept a subscription for a few months. Its kind of expensive but its you use it often its well worth it. And you should use it often because ya truly calming no matter what your mantra is. Calm, happy, stress, body scans, timed and intimed meditations. Pure peacefulness and joy after each session.

Love it!

Highly recommend! Im only on day 2 and Im in love! Her voice is so calming and the way she walks you through it is hypnotizing!


While I wish all of the sessions were free, the sessions that are are great. This app has really helped me and my anxiety & depression, especially considering how skeptical I was about meditation to begin with.


Even if you just use the trial, like I do, this app is amazing and always calms me down and helps me focus.


This app is wonderful! Found this at a perfect moment. Ive been stressed and been dealing with depression and anxiety for months now. Started this yesterday and already feeling the benefits of just breathing. My 9 year old asked for the app for her tablet because she heard me telling a friend about it today. Now my daughter is learning to meditate!


I am new to meditation, and this app is perfect for me. I highly suspect I will be purchasing the subscription after my 7 days of calm is through!

Im in love

I was actually excited about meditation using this app

A little oasis in a hectic day!

I cant recommend this app enough. While there is plenty of good content in the free version, I have found the most benefit with what comes with the paid portion. Daily Calm, a different 10 minute meditation each day, has been invaluable to me, especially during stressful workdays. 10 minutes of Daily Calm changes the rest of the day for me in such a positive way!

Love it

Great meditation app!! Our whole family loves it


I Love This Relaxing is a thing I used to never do, now I try it more often.

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